Hidden TV in Luxury Backyard

In the past, having a TV outside meant running an extension cord through the sliding patio door, dragging a bench into place and propping the TV up with a couple of cinder blocks. With today’s new tech, setting up an outdoor plasma TV with a TV lift is simple.

New entertainment center technology is designed to ensure maximum protection for your high definition screen, and to create a fashion statement in addition to being highly functional. Of course, the main benefit to mounting an outdoor TV on a lift is that it gives you a lot more flexibility as to where the TV can be placed!

Your deck might be a small affair, lifted up on stilt legs to compensate for a yard that slopes away from the house. Alternately, it could be a grand affair stretching out around a pool, or sporting a shady gazebo. Some decks even have built in grills, wet bars and wide benches for outdoor BBQs and family picnics!

The deck is the perfect place for your TV lift. It provides a way to stay current on the game while grilling dogs, without the need to dash in and out of the house. Alternately set it to a music channel while you lounge poolside – or use it as an outdoor movie theater for the young ones once it gets dark and S’mores are toasting.

A TV lift lets you display your expensive television when needed, and hide it safely away when the family softball game starts or one of the crazy cousins starts slinging a Frisbee. You don’t have to worry about the preschoolers splashing in the shallow end of the pool, or an errant blast from a super soaker water gun! Just slide the TV safely away until it is wanted again, and enjoy your time with family and friends.

Even if you have rowdy pets or brave wildlife, you don’t have to be concerned – a TV lift is the perfect way to protect your high def screen of joy and let you have peace of mind. Ask one of the Nexus 21 team how we can help you with your own outdoor installation, and start enjoying the best entertainment to be had along with all the great outdoors has to offer!