Custom Outdoor Kitchen with Hidden TV

At Nexus 21, we’re proud that every model of TV lift we make is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. There aren’t many home automation manufacturers who can say that about their products. The straightforward design, safety features, sturdy construction, and powder coated stainless steel materials all combine to make our lifts naturally weather resistant. However, this doesn’t mean they are appropriate for use in all weather conditions. Here are some tips for outdoor TV lift use.

Don’t Mind the Humidity
You can feel confident installing our lifts in humid places. They work great on a patio of a beach house, poolside, near a hot tub, or on watercraft. Moisture in the air isn’t a problem since it will evaporate harmlessly. If you are concerned about salt-laden air near the ocean, you may want to wipe off any residue with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Just don’t let water drip or spill into the interior. However, the best way to keep the lift clean is simply to keep it inside its enclosure unless the TV is actually in use.

Watch Out for Water
Don’t let the lift come into direct contact with liquids. This includes immersion in water, a rainy downpour, splashes of water from the pool, or someone spilling their Big Gulp all over the lift. Obviously, if you have one of our lifts on your boat, please try not to capsize. Our warranty doesn’t cover stuff like that…

Keep Things Temperate
Our lifts are designed to operate in temps from 34° F to 104° F. Don’t install a lift outside if your local temps vary outside this range. Remember that temperatures can vary from one part of your property to the next. Installing the TV lift in a shaded area will help it stay cooler. Installing it where it is shielded from the wind may keep it a little warmer in the winter. If you aren’t sure your TV lift will be adequately protected, you can always install it in a mobile cabinet that can be rolled into the garage or another insulated storage area during extreme weather.

These are just the basics. For waterproofing tips or if you have questions about a specific outdoor application, our technical support team is more than happy to help you!