You know how it goes. It’s the day of the big game, the grill is fired up, you are running back and forth from the patio to the living room, and then it happens. From the wrong side of the sliding glass patio doors, you hear the insane cheering of your buddies as the game-changing touchdown occurs. You missed it!

An outdoor TV lift could have saved the day. With advances in technology, superior TV lift furniture and excellent waterproofing methods, having your TV conveniently installed with a good view from your grill is now no longer a fantasy!

The first thing you have to do is decide how big of a television is needed to properly enjoy the game. Next, choose a cabinet or enclosure large enough to fit the TV lift you will need. Finally, make sure your installation is water and weatherproof.

On game day, consider moving the whole party outdoors! Benches and lounge chairs can be set up around a cooler of beer during the pre-game, and grilling can commence at will. Enjoy hotdogs and hamburgers – or, if budget allows, T-bones and Porterhouses – while watching the game in style.

If everyone else is still too enamored of your couch indoors, no sweat. You can enjoy every minute of the game whether on your big screen in the living room or your Sunbrite TV outside, while remaining a good host and grilling for your guests.

Your TV lift can be incorporated into an outdoor patio design, built onto an existing deck, or even installed in a moveable island with rollers. This option lets you quickly transport your TV lift into the garage or media and game room for when bad weather threatens or the mosquitoes get too fierce.

Stop missing out on the highlights of your favorite team’s championship play because the hot links have to be turned or the pork chops basted! A TV lift can guarantee you never miss an important play again, and will make your home the prime destination for hanging out when tailgating just isn’t an option.

Not sure how to engineer an outdoor TV lift? Just contact our team at Nexus 21, and we’ll be happy to supply waterproofing tips, basic TV lift information and instructions, and even specific advice for custom installations!