One of the nice things about our TV lifts is the remote control. We’ve got both IR and RF options to meet the needs of most applications. However, there will always be customers who prefer their own universal remote system. That’s OK too. We’ve designed our products for easy integration with any number of popular systems. Over on, one of our customers talked about installing our popular in-ceiling lift and figuring out how to program it with a Harmony 900 remote. That’s a pretty pricey piece of equipment in its own right (about $200 retail). So, we’re not surprised that he wanted to use it to control as many devices as possible. Apparently, there’s a trick to getting it to work with the IR “Blaster” feature so you don’t have to point the remote directly at the lift. Click through to find out how.

It’s great to see people sharing their technical solutions for system integration. Keep spreading the word about our TV lifts! If you have special TV lift remote integration tips for our readers, be sure to share them in the comments here.

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