High Rise TV Lift

Are you planning a TV lift project? We have plenty of different models to fit TVs from sub-compact size to monster big screens. You can see in-depth diagrams for every model we carry on our website. This makes it easy to tell which lift is right for your project. As you check the measurements, you should be aware that our lifts are designed to make customization easy. For example, you get to decide how far the lift travels. This can be helpful when:

  • You are working in a really tight spot that won’t accommodate the lift’s full extension. That might be the case with a popup or dropdown lift installed for viewing between the bottom edge of a kitchen cabinet and the countertop.
  • Letting the TV travel the full height of the lift wouldn’t put it at just the right viewing position. Sometimes, just a few inches can make a big difference.
  • You’re using a TV that’s at the small end of the size range for the weight capacity of the lift. So, you don’t want the lift column to show beneath the lower edge of the flat screen when the TV is in view.

We’ve got good news for you: The extension distance on all our Nexus 21 TV lifts can be adjusted using the height limit controller that comes with your lift!