Soundbars and gaming systems are becoming essential to modern-day home theater systems. When installing a TV lift, integrators can find it challenging to place these accessories. With Nexus 21 TV lift features and add-ons, integrators have options to help accommodate most any client request.

1. Swivel

Palms Hotel TV Lift

One of the most popular TV lift features is the option to manually swivel the TV. The L-45 Series is our most popular line, with the L-45s allowing for 360º of rotation. Cord management features are in place to ensure the lift doesn’t become tangled when swiveled.

2. Center Speaker Shelf

The Center Speaker Shelf can be attached to the L-45 column with just a few screws. It sits just below the TV and is able to raise and lower with the lift.

3. Soundbar Mount

The Soundbar Mount is one of the more popular accessories available for the L-45. The mount is placed just below the screen and moves with the TV if you’re installing a swivel model.

4. Component Shelf

Component Shelf TV lift accessories

The Component Shelf is a versatile accessory that allows you to keep gaming systems, control boxes, DVD players and any other system right next to your TV. Two shelves, each of which is 12″ deep x 16″ wide, can be easily replaced, allowing integrators to customize the size and color of the boards.


5. Hinged-Top Guides

Guides for Hinged Lids TV lift accessories

Two types of lid options are available to integrators: the floating lid and hinged-top. The floating lid is the standard option that allows the lid to raise and lower with the TV. However, Hinged-Top Guides can be purchased to attach to the top of the lift column, behind the TV, and lift the hinged-top. When the lift comes down, the guides bring the hinged-top quietly back into place.

6. Enclosure

Enclosure TV Lift

Another popular TV lift feature is the option to enclose the TV. You can purchase Model L-45en to include brackets that allow you to mount an enclosure around the TV. You can also purchase Model L-45ens to have both an enclosure and swivel.

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