TV lift furniture is growing in popularity throughout the world. Homeowners and designers alike are turning to TV lift furniture as an effective means to improve the functionality and style of a space. While it can be an excellent option for any room in your home, it is particularly popular in bedrooms—the most personal and intimate part of your home. It is your designated safe space to retreat, rejuvenate, and prepare your body and mind for another day of challenges. A well-designed bedroom can promote healthy sleep, better connection with your significant other, and meaningful relaxation.

Bedroom TV Lift Furniture Options

TV Beds

Bed with a TV lift at the foot of the bed with a swiveled TV

A TV bed, or TV lift bed, is essentially a standard bed with a TV lift concealed in the footboard. When it comes to bedroom TV lift furniture, TV beds are the gold standard. It doesn’t require any additional furniture and blends in well with the room. Many would be shocked to see a TV pop up from within the footboard! The best part about a TV bed is the fact that it is a TV lift integrated within a normal piece of bedroom furniture–a bed. Therefore, the footprint of a TV bed is only slightly bigger than a normal bed (a TV bed is usually about 8” longer than a standard bed). 

TV Lift Cabinets

Brown cabinet with a tv pop up lift in the back and storage in the front

A TV lift cabinet is designed to be placed against a wall and conceal the TV and lift mechanism in the back half of the cabinet, while the front half of the cabinet can be drawers, doors, cubbies, etc. The beauty of a TV lift cabinet is that it can combine, for example, a TV lift and a dresser. These cabinets are a stylish option because they can be built in nearly any shape, style, and color to match each individual’s style and aesthetic. It is highly unlikely that anybody would ever notice a storage TV lift cabinet in your bedroom. What they would see is a dresser, bureau, console, etc. that looks like it is right where it belongs. Guests would be shocked to see a TV rise out of the back!



TV beds and lift cabinets offer excellent viewing experiences, inconspicuousness, style, and space savings. The right choice for you comes down to your preferences and needs—if having the TV nice and close is important, a TV bed might be the solution for you. If inconspicuousness and multi-purpose furniture is more important to you, a TV lift cabinet may be the way to go. Whatever your style and needs, there is a perfect solution for you and your space.