This week’s featured partner is Global Surroundings. They’ve got a unique twist on the TV lift cabinet. Yes, they use wood – but it is indoor/outdoor friendly wood. It’s not a cabinet you’d want to put out in the rain, but a covered patio or gazebo would be a perfect outdoor location. Teak is one of the most popular wood species for outdoor furniture because of its resistance to moisture and UV radiation. It gets more and more weathered, but it never looks worn out. In fact, the teak used by these cabinetmakers is reclaimed (and it looks just as attractive as it did in its first life).

This design from Global Surroundings is a “two-in-one” combining a Nexus 21 TV lift and a bar. It’s great for entertaining at home or for patio settings in a restaurant to keep the sports crowd happy. The Lone Star is just one decoration option. Some customers also request an engraving of their own business logo or a favorite beer brand sign on the front panel. Teak is definitely a wood to think about if you are ordering a custom-made TV lift cabinet from any cabinetmaker.TV Lift Cabinet