Foot of bed lifts are a very popular option for our customers who want to watch TV in the bedroom without having the big screen dominate the space all day and all night. Using a custom-made bed frame with a lift built in is fantastic. But not every homeowner wants to take the extra steps to make this happen. Maybe you like your existing bed frame. Perhaps you don’t know a cabinetmaker in your area who can handle this kind of project. Or, perhaps you just want to get the furniture in place quickly without going through a custom design process.

In that case, you might select a premade TV lift cabinet and simply place it at the foot of your bed. That’s a good choice if you have a little extra room so there’s still plenty of walk space between the cabinet and the far wall. Just have the lift installed so the TV faces the bed and the decorative face of the cabinet faces away from the bed. Voila! You’ve got an instant end of bed lift.

6 b foot of bed lift cabinet

6 end of bed cabinet