Hidden TV Cabinet as Room Divider

A TV lift cabinet is designed to raise your television into open air for viewing, while keeping it under wraps the rest of the time, The best cabinets also have plenty for space for your cable box, DVR, Blue Ray player, and other components – but how do you keep these items from heating up in the confined space?

While some components will be off unless in use, others (such as a cable DVR unit) often stay on constantly in order to track shows and record as needed. In such cases, proper ventilation of your cabinet and some sort of cooling option may be necessary.

One solution is to buy a Smart TV lift cabinet that has ventilation built in, circumventing the issue neatly and reliving any worries. Alternately, you could adapt your own TV lift converted cabinet with something like a Sligh® Smart Fan 9001-1-BL. The automatic heat sensor activates the almost silent fan to keep everything in your vented cabinet at optimum operating temperature.