hide tv cables

Have your audiovisual cables turned into an evil, ugly octopus that’s destroying the streamlined effect you want to achieve with your entertainment technology? Here are 5 ways to help keep those TV cables in line.

1. Universal wire management kit – Run your cords and wires through a length of jointed plastic pipe and paint it to match your walls.

2. Cable organizer – If you can’t cover up the cables entirely, at least get them all bunched together in neat bundles with organizer clips.

3. Recessed cables – If you’re comfortable cutting into drywall, you can mount recessed boxes and run cables down inside the wall itself.

4. Accordion cover – Some higher-end wall mounts have an expandable plastic guard that covers up the cords coming out of the back of the TV as well as concealing the mounting hardware.

5. TV lift cabinet – Get a smart cabinet from Nexus 21 that comes with cable organization already built in. You get quick set up and no more cable mess!