Nexus 21 is an American company, but we serve a global customer base. In fact, we’ve got cabinetmakers, A/V technicians and interior designers all over the planet clamoring for our TV lifts. This week, our featured partner is fine furniture manufacturer 1066 Joinery from across the pond. They’ve posted a YouTube video of a particularly smashing TV lift cabinet in action. It’s even set to some très classy classical music for your enjoyment.

This TV lift cabinet has a number of unique features:

  • Massive amounts of storage space. You’ll have to click through the slideshow here to see and believe how many DVDs and video games this homeowner has in their library. That’s not counting the 8 different pieces of equipment hosted in the center storage area. Yet everything is tucked away neatly out of sight with no exterior shelves or plastic bins required!
  • Mobile speakers. The two speakers on each end of the cabinet raise and lower simultaneously. So, instead of being mounted on the wall, they simply lift up to the correct height for the best acoustic experience at the push of a button. We’re not able to peek inside the cabinet to see which of our lifts they used for the speakers, but they’re likely to be the compact models since the speakers don’t weigh much and aren’t very big.
  • Speaker lifts serve dual duty. The speakers are resting atop hidden compartments that contain even more of the customer’s vast DVD library. The lifts can even stop halfway to reveal one shelf rather than two. It’s a very nice touch!
  • Great eye for design on the central TV lift. The big screen TV is perfectly sized for the space available between the speakers. You’ll notice that the framed artwork in the background is small enough to be completely concealed when the TV is in the “up” position – another example of attention to detail.

We like the pale, honey tone of the stain chosen for this cabinet. If you’re going with a piece this big in a modern living area, a lighter hue keeps the TV lift furniture from dominating the room too much.

UK TV lift cabinet