TV Lift Bench

One of the best things about custom TV lift furniture is that it can be multipurpose. Most of the time, the secondary purpose is storage or display. But that’s just the start. You can incorporate a TV lift into a huge variety of furniture settings when you DIY. Here’s an example from one of our customers who is really, really in to speakers. In fact, this audiophile decided to hide the TV but place the speaker equipment front and center (and both sides) in their entertainment center. We’re pretty sure this setup covers the entire range of audible sound – and probably all the way into sonar. What makes this piece of furniture really different is that the storage area can double as a bench. So, if you’re in the mood for a tune rather than the “tube”, you have a built in place to sit and tap your foot!

Sitting on a TV Lift

This Begs the Question…
What happens if someone activates the TV lift while you’re sitting on it? Our largest model is able to carry quite a load. So, you might find it to be quite an uplifting experience – as long as you and your flat screen together don’t top 220 pounds. We’ve actually used the strong arm capabilities of our lifts to good advantage at many an industry trade show. Here’s one of our Nexus 21 team members riding our popular L-39 model. We didn’t even have to use the heavy duty model to hoist Nicole!

Look Behind You!
Incorporating a TV lift into seating doesn’t necessarily mean sitting ON the lift. You can also sit in front of the lift. Occasionally, a customer will put a lift behind a couch. It can be attached to the floor behind the sofa, or it can be installed in the floor. One homeowner actually built a custom console just to house the TV lift behind a love seat. It provided a separation between their living and dining areas without creating a visual barrier like their previous TV stand did.

Behind Sofa TV Lift

How would you blend seating and TV together? Let us know in the comments.