If you liked our recent post about TV lift furniture that serves a dual purpose, you’ll appreciate this project posted on YouTube by Schrocks Custom Woodworking. It actually has an interesting back story. The homeowner had an old fashioned rear projection TV placed in this spot originally. They wanted the entertainment area turned into a built in bookcase. That’s a great choice for right next to the fireplace. It makes the living room look cozy and retro – a place to curl up on a winter’s night with a favorite book. At the same time, the homeowner didn’t want to eliminate the modern entertainment function of the room. So, they chose a popup lift for inside the bookcase. That’s a good example of how to use a hidden, automated lift to create two entirely different looks for a room depending on whether you want to watch TV or not.

Are you wondering how the TV lift gets into the bookcase? This earlier video shows how the front of the bookcase was built separately and the lift installed before the entire piece was attached to the wall shelving unit. You even get to peek down inside the hidden compartment to see how all the components are arranged. If you’re planning on doing a similar project, it gives you a good idea of how to stage the work so installing the lift is as easy as possible. Putting it in when you still have 360 degree access to the compartment is a very smart idea.

This is one project where a hinged lid actually enhances the finished look of the lift. It flips back to neatly cover up the bottom row of books, creating a clean canvas around the TV screen. From a distance, the seam in the closed lid is virtually invisible. We think it’s a wonderful job!tv lift in bookcase