Do you have a non-standard living room? Maybe you’ve got a retro lounging layout that’s multi-leveled like a conversation pit or platform seating arrangement. Perhaps you prefer a Bohemian vibe with lots of ottomans, cushions and pillows lying around but no traditional couches or recliners. An under-floor TV lift with a swivel feature can help you make the most out of this kind of living space. It lets you rearrange your seating on a whim from one day to the next since you aren’t constrained by the usual formula of “your sectional sofa must be located x number of feet from the TV screen”.

The nicest thing about installing a TV lift in this kind of living area is that it means your TV will never define the space. Instead, you can use the living room for any activity that catches your fancy. Lower the TV lift out of sight when it’s time for a friendly game of charades or a live poetry reading. Then, bring the TV back up for a leisurely evening watching Fellini’s “Le Strada” as you sip a glass of wine.

What other ways can you integrate a 21st century TV into a 1960’s living space? Share your ideas in the comments.Free Form Seating