Your new television is a thing of beauty. 65 inches of pure flat screen luxury, with a remote that does everything under the sun, picture in picture in picture, automatic subtitles in 24 languages and a built in timer system perfect for falling asleep on the couch. It’s a dream come true.

Sadly, the TV cords are NOT a thing of beauty. The TV cord, the DVR cord, the cable network cord – it’s a mess. The entertainment stand only hides so much, and when you decide to “upgrade” to a sophisticated but worryingly shaky wall mount everything just looks worse.

It’s time for a TV lift. A sleek cabinet finished to match your existing furniture can sit discreetly against a wall or opposite a sofa, with nary a cord in sight. At the touch of a button – tada! Your new acquisition appears, rising from the depths of the cabinet as the top opens up, ready to grace you with hours of entertainment.

All cords stay down inside the cabinet, as do additional appliances. You can opt for separate remotes to operate the TV lift and the devices, or go super high tech with a remote that covers everything.

TV lift furniture can be created to fit almost any space and any television. Even antique furniture is often converted and put back into use as a TV lift cabinet; take the drawers out of an old dresser or hutch and add an attractive facing plus a hinged top and you are already halfway there.

A few other advantages of using TV lift furniture to enclose the cords is that children cannot get at them and pets cannot chew on them. People won’t trip over them and knock down the TV; they won’t gather dust bunnies or pet fur; and it’s amazingly simple to add a surge protector inside the TV lift cabinet.

Overall, a custom built or DIY piece of TV lift furniture might just be ideal to house that big screen you just picked up for your birthday, or as a gift for your significant other, or just because you saw an amazingly low price and had to act immediately. TVs are definitely not a cheap purchase, so protecting yours is just common sense as well as a great way to make your viewing area a bit more aesthetic!

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