Hidden TV Behind Custom Cabinet

If you love driving, you wouldn’t buy a sports car and put balding tires on it. The vehicle wouldn’t handle right. But people often make the mistake of purchasing a great TV lift and putting it in a piece of furniture that isn’t designed to make the most out of the equipment. It’s much smarter to think of a TV lift and the cabinet that houses it as different components of a single, cohesive system. Here are some of the “sports car” style features to look for in state-of-the art TV lift cabinets from our designer collection:

• Maximum Horsepower – Can you really ever have too many sockets when you’re ready to power up all your peripherals (DVD player, Xbox, Wii, TiVo)? Get a full six pack of outlets pre-installed on a power bar tucked into the cabinet interior within easy reach of all your cords.

• Wiring Harness – Having some high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cables already hidden away in the design of the furniture makes it easier to integrate your digital TV and AV components without adding clutter to the cabinet interior.

• Smooth Handling – You can keep those cabinet doors closed and still click away with your universal remote if you’ve got a converter with built in sensors to perform a seamless handoff between IR and RF frequencies.

• A/C – Your DVD player and cable box are secluded in their very own hidden compartments. But these areas are vented to the outside of the cabinet so heat can escape during operation.

• Onboard GPS – A universal remote is great, but one with a digital display is even better when it comes to navigating through hundreds of channels, programming your DVR, or checking out those special Blu-Ray features.

• Burglar Alarm – Well, not really. But your TV lift cabinet can be made tamper-resistant with a locking access panel to which you hold the key. Your teenagers will have to wait until they get their learner’s permit before they can mess with your A/V gadgets!