Have you seen the latest invention from IKEA? The Swedish manufacturer has decided to create a piece of furniture that is an entertainment center and TV all in one. Instead of having to set up your TV separately and figure out what to do with all those cords, you can just have the whole thing delivered.

Here’s the description of the unit from Digital Trends: “The Uppleva is a connected, full 1080p HD TV that sports USB and HDMI ports. And of courses it houses itself inside a furniture home entertainment center that includes a built-in Blu-ray, DVD, and CD players and storage for consoles. The unit hides its own wires and cables within itself, and holds your DVD, Blu-ray and game collections.” Sounds like an interesting option for people who want a self-storing TV at a very low price point.

Of course, this isn’t in the same league with our Smart TV Lift Cabinets. With Nexus 21 cabinets, it takes just minutes to install a TV of your own choosing on the sturdy universal bracket. You’re not stuck with whatever cheap TV IKEA decides to put in their entertainment center. The HDMI cables are already pre-installed in the smart cabinet so there’s no mess to deal with. It’s self-contained with plenty of room for your DVD, Wii, X-box, TiVo, and other peripherals as well as extra storage for video games and discs. Plus, there’s the fact that our cabinets come with the industry’s best TV lift. IKEA’s Uppleva doesn’t even give you a cheap imported lift in their entertainment center.

Finally, Uppleva won’t be available in the US until 2013 while you can order a Nexus 21 cabinet today. We can tell you which one sounds like a better deal to us!

Uppleva TV Furniture