The advantages of using an automated lift for your TV are obvious. A TV lift cabinet is designed especially to house a lift, which makes it a no-brainer to buy. The only question is: “How soon can I get one?”

But what about using a lift for a computer monitor? A desk is a very dynamic piece of furniture. Desks are available in many styles to serve many different purposes. There’s a lot going on with the worksurface and it is used very intensively from day to day. Here are some tips to help you decide if a monitor lift is a good choice:

Desk Design

This is the most critical factor in determining whether a computer monitor lift will work well for you. A glass computer desk with a metal frame isn’t going to be the best worksurface to support a lift. Neither is a tiny corner desk. Solid wood is fantastic (but pricey). Wood laminate over composite is fine. Examples of good designs are desks that have a fully enclosed body or at least a “modesty” panel with a ledge to hide and support the TV lift mechanism when it is in the down position. Executive desks are most likely to have the features you need.

One with drawers on each side and a nice, wide cutout for your legs should have plenty of room for a lift. Just calculate whether the depth of the desk provides enough space for the lift without you kicking it. If you are installing a keyboard tray, bDeske sure to calculate the space required for that appliance under the desk surface as well. Fortunately, our lifts have a slim and shallow profile which makes them a good fit for many desk styles.

Desk Usage

This is the other main factor to consider. Don’t assume a computer monitor lift is pointless just because you use a laptop. A popup monitor is actually a great way to support dual monitor capability as needed using a device like the Matrox DualHead2Go whether you use a laptop or a PC. Having a larger monitor (or even using a small TV as a monitor) is especially nice if you like to watch streaming videos or TV at your desk.

You do need to be fairly organized to use a computer monitor on a lift. This means effective cord management for all your electronic gadgets and chargers, dedicated filing spaces for paperwork, and a tendency not to spill your coffee all over the place. Of course, if you are less than totally neat, the allure of having a popup monitor might be enough to make you change your messy ways!