It’s always interesting to see how ideas that get their start in the commercial sphere can be used in a residential setting – and vice-versa. The TV lift is a piece of technology that was initially intended for home use. But it gets re-invented for workplace and educational settings in the form of a monitor lift. For example, KI has a Smart Lift table that’s designed for computer labs and training environments. It has automated lifts built into each workbench. These tables aren’t something you’d want to install in a home office. They are very stripped down and don’t really have any storage or other features you would expect on a regular office desk. But there is one detail that’s pretty cool. The monitor lift is set up with a little compartment to hold the keyboard and mouse. That way, these peripherals can be stored out of sight along with the monitor. This is something a clever DIY customer could easily add to our sub-compact lift for use with a computer monitor in a home office. Think of it as a variation on our universal component shelf.

What other home office equipment would you store on an automated lift? Let us know in the