bamboo tv lift

Are you concerned with more than just the looks of your TV lift furniture? Do you also care about how the materials used in its production affect the environment? Fortunately, there are many ways that TV lift furniture can be eco-friendly. There are a number of sustainable choices from professional cabinetmakers and even more if you are into DIY projects. Here are a few ideas:

Renewable Resources
Bamboo is one of the hottest commodities on the market for home furnishings right now. This woody plant grows almost faster than it can be harvested – making it the ultimate renewable lumber source. Eddie Myers Design currently has a queen sized foot of the bed lift made of bamboo (featuring one of our lifts, of course). Its smooth and modern design has no frills, and the use of bamboo makes it very affordable as well.

Responsible Resources
Maybe bamboo isn’t your thing. You crave the look and feel of hardwoods like oak and maple. Fortunately, many furniture manufacturers these days are taking part in responsible forestry programs that make use of these all-time favorite tree species. You can simply call and ask a particular vendor if they source their wood from companies that have certifications in accredited FSC programs before you buy your cabinet.

Recycled Resources
Reclaimed lumber is always beautiful because it has a story to tell. Every mark and color variation on the wood’s surface is like the fingerprint of time. Solid wood in the form of boards from old flooring, ancient barns, and antique doors are everywhere – you just have to know where to look. Of course, the trend of reusing old lumber won’t last forever. It’s catching on so fast that the supply will eventually run out. So, if you want a TV lift cabinet made of reclaimed wood, you’ll want to find a supplier soon. Check out Western Heritage Furniture out of Jerome, AZ. They specialize in reclaimed lumber and feature some awesome TV lift designs.

Reusable Resources
Sometimes, you don’t have to just work with recycled components to create a wooden TV lift cabinet. Often, you can simply retrofit an existing piece of furniture with a TV lift. That’s particularly easy with our Nexus 21 TV lifts since they come in so many sizes that all have a very small footprint. We’ve seen all kinds of furniture from antique bureaus to coffee tables turned into lift furniture. Start measuring the interior dimensions of your favorite piece of heirloom furniture and see if you can fit a TV inside!