tv viewing height

Figuring out the right viewing height for your TV when it’s mounted on a lift is partly a matter of math and partly a matter of taste. Two of the most commonly recommended positions are:

• Center of the screen at eye level when you are seated

• Bottom third of the screen at eye level when you are seated

Placing a screen higher than this gives some people a crick in their neck. But lots of folks accidentally do this with a wall mounted television anyway because they think it “looks better” from a home décor standpoint. Fortunately, with a TV that’s mounted on a lift, the aesthetics take care of themselves. You can focus on enhancing your functional viewing experience with the correct placement.

Location Matters
In a living room, you should use your favorite couch or La-Z-Boy as your “benchmark” in determining the final height of the TV once it’s in the fully raised position. A low TV lift cabinet that’s just tall enough to accommodate the TV lift is often a good choice. Our lifts are especially low profile which gives you more control over the size of the TV lift furniture. If you like to lounge or lie down when you watch TV, an under floor lift can bring the viewing height down even further.

In a kitchen, you may be sitting on a stool or kitchen chair when watching. These seating options are typically higher than a couch. This means a TV at counter height will usually work. You can either use a popup lift under the counter or a drop down lift installed in a cabinet to achieve a comfortable viewing height.

If you are installing a drop down TV in the ceiling, you may want to view it from a fairly long distance to keep from having to tilt your head up. For example, you might put it in a large master bedroom near the far wall on the opposite side of the room from your bed. Our Nexus 21 drop down lifts can actually bring the screen down fairly low with a full 52” of extension to increase your viewing ease.