Can a Nexus 21 TV lift really be installed in less than half an hour? According to “hiddentvguy” over at, he’s done just that. The homeowner for this project wanted a TV lift but didn’t want to radically modify his furniture or buy a lift cabinet. No problem! Hiddentvguy simply installed one of our lifts on the back of an existing piece of furniture. Since our lifts have a super-low profile, it successfully hid the TV below the level of the living room windows. That’s quite a feat considering the windowsill was only 24” off the ground. This really is a quick fix if you want to hide a TV without making significant changes to your existing living room décor.

What fast and easy project have you done with our popup TV lifts? Do you have any special tips for making installation even simpler? Let us know in the comments.30 minute tv lift install