Cabinet with Swivel TV Lift

TV lift installation requires the right cabinet for perfect fit and function. Getting the dimensions spot on is just part of the picture. Choosing the best lid style is also critical. The floating lid is one of our favorite designs because it hides the TV lift better than any other option. However, there are still plenty of customers who like a good old-fashioned hinge top. We make sure to accommodate this preference by providing hinged top guides to gently push the lid open as the TV lift rises. The lid rests gently against the back of the TV and then eases naturally back down as the TV lowers into the cabinet.

Here are 2 things to keep in mind if you choose a hinged lid design:

1. The hinges are part of the cabinet. You choose and purchase your own hinges. They don’t come with the TV lift since hinge styles vary and each customer needs to be able to pick their own to match the style of their cabinet.

2. Spacing is critical for proper function of the lid. You need to allow a minimum of 2” between the pivot point of the hinge and the back of the lift column. This ensures that the lid opens and shuts correctly. So, you may need a slightly deeper cabinet to accommodate a hinged lid.