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Many clients come to Nexus 21 with a desire to install a lift, but they’re not quite sure how the lift is going to fit into the plans their contractors have drawn up for cabinets, floors and other features of the home where you might find a concealment lift. One of the most common questions we hear from new clients is, “Okay, I want a lift but how do I get a cabinet for it?”

To answer this question, we talked with Nexus 21 Account Manager Aaron Townsley and Marketing Manager Chris Hargrave.

Designed to Fit into Existing Plans
“Let’s say a homeowner goes to the design firm that’s creating a space for him,” Aaron said. “There’s a problem…the bedroom faces out to a great waterfront view and they don’t want a TV blocking that.”

Aaron went on to explain that designers or AV specialists bring the concerns of the homeowner to Nexus 21. That’s when the magic happens.

“Our product is able to easily integrate into existing plans or future plans,” he said. “And in many cases, the designers and specialists come to us and we don’t even know who the homeowner is.”

Once the collaboration between the contractor and Nexus 21 begins, Aaron and his team get down to details.

“We make sure they’re getting the right product spec’d in for the project,” he said. “We try to figure out where the TV is going to go, where they’re viewing it from, the size range they want to use and the space limitations they have.”

Providing the Right Information to Professionals
Now, what if things get complicated? Drawn out construction projects are the bane of many a homeowner. Chris pointed out that Nexus 21 does whatever it takes to provide professionals the right information for their installation.

“Our sales and support staff provide detailed instructions with photos, dimensional diagrams and, if needed, CAD drawings,” he said. “From the consultation process, the support materials provided and an excellent technical support staff, we’ve made this as easy as could possibly be.”

Information and ease of use are two ways to make any project go smoothly. But we’re not going to paint you a rosy picture. Among some home professionals, lifts have a bad name. We call it, “The Myth”.

Dispelling The Myth of Hidden Lifts
Like we said, some designers and home professionals don’t have a positive perspective on lifts. They remember clunky, cumbersome products that always seem to break.

However, Chris explained, Nexus 21 has eradicated those perceptions.

“We’ve been fighting against this idea, this myth that lifts are a pain in the butt to install and maintain,” he said. “We’ve taken all the pain points in the competitors lift products and obliterated them.”

How? Through a simple, guaranteed design.

So Easy Your Little Brother Could Install It
As an account manager, Aaron has dealt with clients’ frustrations with other lift companies. Unreliable products and poor communication are two common complaints. To counter that, he reinforces ease of installation.

“I help people realize that they could comfortably call up any custom mill workshop in the United States and I know for a fact that any one of those companies could create a solution for them without any problems,” Aaron said. “I would feel confident in handing over the lift instructions to my 13-year-old brother and have him complete it in a reasonable amount of time.”

Ease of installation quells most of the worries we encounter, but what about professionals who are concerned about the reliability of our lifts? A common point of pain is that cabinet makers or designers could lose money on a project if they have to make regular visits to fix a faulty lift.

That’s a question Aaron answered by pointing out that Nexus 21 lifts aren’t custom made for each project, which helps avoid the pitfalls related to custom-built lifts.

“We can put the same system into six different builds and the pro can adjust it per the size and area requirements,” he said. “We make it to where they don’t have to create a crazy, custom piece. We provide a product that works very, very easily.”

And, as the company announced recently, all lifts come with a 10-year warranty.

Easy to install. Easy to maintain. Covered by a decade-long warranty. Sounds great, but what are the pros and clients saying?

The End Product: Satisfied Homeowners, Happy Professionals
Aaron said his clients are generous in their praise of their lift systems.

“Whether it’s the designer or the guy who actually built the lift into the home, they always come back with positive feedback … that the lift was extremely easy to use and to work with,” he said.

And that’s good news for pros who’ve had bad experiences with fragile, custom-made lifts that create noise – and problems.

“My clients are always amazed, whether they’ve used lifts before or not, how quiet they are,” Aaron said. “They say, ‘It’s so easy to work with. You’re right. It’s astonishing how quiet it is.’”

Our Pros Love Our Lifts, But What About You?
Our website’s gallery is full of photos from successful installs from clients just like you. Check out our latest projects or just browse through past installs. In the meantime, let us know in the comments section below why you love your Nexus 21 lift or how your experience with us dispelled common myths about lift installs.