Since 2005 our mission has been to transform the TV lift industry with superior technology and exceptional customer service. This month, we continue that mission by introducing three completely new lift systems to our product line:

  • The CL-65 Ceiling Flip Down Lift
  • The L-75 Extended Travel Pop Up Lift
  • The XL-75 Under Floor Pop Up TV Lift

The Flip-Down Reinvented: Model CL-65
Flip Down TV Lift
Requiring only 6-1/8” of vertical space to install, the innovative Model CL-65 is the fastest, quietest and most compact hinged flip-down solution on the market. In only 16 seconds you can reveal up to a 65” television from the ceiling, providing an impressive viewing experience in any room of the home. And did we mention that it costs roughly half of what is being paid for the competition’s older technology?



Extended Travel Version 2.0: Model L-75
High Rise TV Lift
Model L-75 replaces its predecessor, Model L-53, and is packed with new features. This next generation of pop-up lift systems rocks 52” of vertical travel in only 18 seconds. Capable of revealing up to a 75” television with ease, the L-75 includes a no-pinch cable track, stabilized lid support brackets and an incredibly efficient assembly process.



Maximum Extension for the Biggest Jobs: Model XL-75
High Rise TV Lift
The XL-75 practically needs it’s own theme music when it reveals up to a 75” screen from the depths of a basement to the perfect viewing height. In only 25 seconds the lift extends an unbelievable 64” upwards, perfect for under floor applications. It’s a “speak softly and carry a big stick” kind of thing.



The CL-65, L-75 and XL-75 will be shipping on December 18. Taking orders now: 1-800-293-5067