Reveal Hidden TV

If our collection of concealment lifts were an All-Star team, the Nexus 21 L-45 would be our power hitting, fleet-footed shortstop that can play just about any position on the field. Think a combination of Cal Ripken, Jr., Hanley Ramirez and Ozzie Smith.

We consider this lift the most versatile in our lineup for many different reasons. Let’s start with the range of televisions it can handle.

Big, Small or In-Between: This One Does It All

Watch the Game with an L-45

Imagine a man cave with weathered pennants pinned to the wall, a few baseballs signed by world-championship teams and a handsomely framed poster of Randy Johnson whipping a fastball toward home plate.

Every Saturday night this room comes alive with the brawny bravado of the owner and his pals cramming onto couches to watch the Diamondbacks square off against a National League West opponent. The game comes bursting through the screen of a massive 65” TV. The lift raising this behemoth out of its enclosure? The L-45.

Great Outdoor TV Lift

Let’s flip this around a bit. Imagine another baseball fan across town. He and his wife light up a couple of Romeo y Julietas, pour some choice drinks and settle into a pair of patio chairs on their deck. With one press of a button, a modest 40” TV rises up from a marble counter. The lift? The L-45.

These two scenarios are pretty common with the professionals with whom we work alongside. They’re a testament to the versatility of the L-45 lift. It can manage TV’s ranging from 40” to 65”. It’s got a maximum payload of 100 pounds, plenty ample to heft televisions in the top end of the size limit:

  • 65” Samsung J6200 LED Smart TV: 62.4 lbs
  • 65” VIZIO E65-C3 LED Smart TV: 50.71 lbs
  • 65” Sharp AQUOS LC-65LE654U LED Smart TV: 56.22 lbs

We think the beauty of this lift is that it not only gives you flexibility for your initial install plans, but it also gives you long-term flexibility as well.

Let’s say you build a new home and you install a 65” TV in your living room. After three or four years, you want to do some remodeling and downsize your TV to a modest 40” LG. Not a problem. You’ve got 25” of wiggle room.

The same goes for the opposite scenario, of course. You can start out with a 40”, and when you want your contractor to redesign your den you’re able to add a bigger TV with a few small mods and a carefully chosen purchase from your favorite electronics store.

Access to the Complete Suite of Accessories

Soundbar Mount

While the L-45’s range of TV options is the first thing most of our clients love about this lift, we’d like to point out another aspect of its versatility that often goes under the radar.

The L-45 includes more accessory options than any other lift in our lineup:

  • Component shelf
  • Center-speaker shelf
  • Sound bar mount
  • Battery pack
  • Stealth control module
  • Guides for hinged lids
  • Remote control converter

The audiophile will love this list of features, mainly because the L-45 allows for a component shelf, a center speaker or a sound bar to be added with ease.

This opens up several different options for homeowners that want premium sound that exceeds what’s available in their TV. So, if you’ve got a SONOS Playbar you can’t part with, don’t worry. We offer your contractor a simple solution – add the sound bar attachment to the lift and you’re set.

Speaker Shelf

The same capability is available for your center-channel speaker too. We’ve designed a ledge that keeps your speakers safe while at the same time tucking it away under your screen so you get the full visual and audio experience next time you host the crew’s Super Bowl party.

One-touch remote capabilities are a possibility with the L-45, as is integration into your TV controller with our stealth control module. In other words, you can use your TV remote to activate your L-45.

It’s All in the Family

Hotel TV Lift Cabinet

Don’t forget that the L-45 has some close relatives that add even more functionality to your hidden TV project. You can swivel the television 180-degrees in either direction to find the perfect viewing angle with the L-45s Pop Up & Swivel lift or build a sleek enclosure around the television to hide the backside of the screen with the L-45en Enclosure TV Lift. Heck, you can have it all with the L-45ens Enclosure TV Swivel Lift.

Everything You Want in One Lift

Amid all the flexibility you have with the L-45, it’s easy to lose sight of the characteristics which make Nexus 21 lifts the best in the business.

Your L-45 comes with our Soft Start and Soft Stop technology, ensuring a gentle beginning and end to your television’s journey up and down. It runs at a super-quiet 45 dB, and, like all of our lifts, comes with collision detection that automatically stops your lift when it senses abnormal resistance.

Have you had experience with the L-45? What do you appreciate most about its versatility? Let us know in the comments section below.