Hotel TV Lift Cabinet

Have you seen demonstrations for TV lift mechanisms that fit under the bed? These are fun to watch. It’s very dramatic to see the flat screen scoot out from under the dust ruffle and rise into position like a cobra hovering at the foot of the bed. This is certainly one option for hiding a TV away in the bedroom. But it does have some drawbacks.

An under bed lift has to apply force in four different directions during operation: out from under the bed, rotating up into position for viewing, rotating back down, and moving in under the bed again. It’s the act of lifting the TV from a horizontal position to an upright position that requires the most force.

Imagine holding a 20 pound rock close to your body at chest level and then lifting the rock above your head. It takes some muscle, but you can probably do it. Now, imagine setting that 20 pound rock at one end of a 6 foot board and raising the rock up above your head by grasping and lifting the other end of the board. This motion would require a tremendous amount of effort.

An under bed lift has to have an enormously powerful motor to lift a heavy TV at the end of a metal arm and swing it upright. On the other hand, telescoping TV lift mechanisms just require a moderately strong in-line system (made with quality materials and craftsmanship) to lift even the largest TV straight up from inside a cabinet.

The under bed design also has a high level of mechanical complexity with lots of moving parts. This means there are more components that could potentially fail or become misaligned. At Nexus 21, we can offer the industry’s best warranty and boast a vanishingly small failure rate because our vertical lift design follows the KISS principle (Keep It Simple, Seriously!) We invested our extra design smarts on safety features that improve performance.

You may feel serious sticker shock when you start investigating an under bed TV lift. Because of the increased power and complexity described above, they range from $9,000-$22,000. That’s before the cost of accessories and installation which can run several thousand more. In contrast, a Nexus 21 TV lift is a fraction of that price while still being the lift of choice for luxury residential settings. Even with a custom bed frame to hold the Nexus 21 lift, you’re still saving big bucks. Plus, our lift doesn’t take 4-6 hours to install!

If you watch a video of how an under bed TV lift works, you’ll see that there needs to be lots of clearance on the floor in front of the bed for the screen to slide out. That’s probably not an issue if you’ve got 20 grand to drop on a TV lift, but not all of us have so much room in the master bedroom! A vertical foot-of-the-bed lift is the more compact approach since it doesn’t hog floor space during operation.