A few weeks ago we published a post about the big differences between Nexus 21’s lifts and some of the cheaper, mass-produced Chinese lifts.

By the end of that article we realized that there was just too much information and we had to create a second installment just to cover some of the basics of why our lifts rise above the fray of cheap-but-poorly-made products you can find online.

Previously we touched on safety, quality and our production factory. This week we’re going to take a look at customer support, warranties and shipping. To unearth some of the nuances that make Nexus 21 one of the best in the world, we once again talked with Mark and Aaron from the account management team.

Home-grown, accessible customer service

Support Guy

Investing in a concealment system is a big deal. There’s a lot of time and money that goes into planning the perfect setup. During that process, it’s important for you (if you’re DIYing) or your professional to have access to your lift company.

Part of the problem with companies who mass-produce lifts of questionable safety and quality is that customers will be hard-pressed to get acceptable levels of customer service.

“There is zero support factor with many foreign-made lifts. The support really drops off, which is a very unfortunate thing,” Mark said. “A lot can go wrong if you don’t have full support.”

Another aspect of customer service is availability, which is something Nexus 21 values.

“I’m sure we’ve been on the phone when we really need something and we couldn’t get someone on the line, waited forever or had to talk with someone who spoke English as a second language,” Aaron said.

That’s the kind of experience that customers can expect from overseas lift companies. But that’s not what clients experience with Nexus 21.

“We’re U.S.-based, we’re here and we pick our phone up when it rings. There isn’t a 30-miute wait for tech support,” Aaron said.

Mark chimed in as well.

“Clients have a direct line to us,” he said. “They know who to call and they can ask for technicians by name.”

The battle of warranties: What you get and what you might be missing

Extended 10 Year Warranty

As you can imagine, there’s a big difference between the warranties lift companies will offer you. Up until recently, we promised a five-year warranty for our lifts. We weren’t satisfied with that, so we upped the ante and implement a 10-year full replacement warranty on our products.

The philosophy behind this is based on one thing: quality.

“We’ve seen our systems and designs used a thousand times over, so we know it will last a long time,” Aaron said. “That’s why we can double our warranty.”

The Nexus 21 warranty is comprehensive. It covers all your lift’s parts – “if anything goes wrong, we stand by our lifts 100 percent,” Mark said. But that’s not something you’ll encounter with most non-European, foreign-made lifts.

“These mass-produced systems offer gimmicky warranties because they’re using cheap parts,” Aaron said.

Those gimmicks usually go like this: you get a one-year warranty with an option to extend that to five years. The problem with this scenario is the cost … the extended warranty usually sets you back as much as a new lift.

“It covers their cost, but you have to rip out your old system and put the new one in, and that’s if the company is even in business when you make your claim,” Aaron said.

He gave an example of one company who offers a five-year warranty, but finding information on exactly what’s covered is pretty difficult. After a little research, Aaron found that the warranty covers only manufacturing defects.

“It’s not covering the failure of the motor or the electronic controller,” he said. “It’s only covering the lift if there’s a defect in how it’s made.”

Shipping your lift in style…

TV lift packaging

The last comparison in our series on Nexus 21 lifts versus Chinese and foreign-made lifts is the shipping experience.

Our philosophy is that the way our lifts are shipped should match the overall quality and reputation of our company. Lifts from other companies also reflect the overall quality and reputation of the company.

“We’ve tested the cheaper lifts in our office. Packaging is, realistically, garbage,” Aaron said. “They’re mass producing them on a line, shoving them in a box and getting them out the door.”

Nexus 21, on the other hand, goes through an intentional packing process. Each lift is shipped in a container with a tough exoskeleton that protects it during its journey from our factory to your door. Inside you’ll find die-cut foam hugging every lift part.

“Each part is individually labeled and perfectly placed. The first thing you see when you open the box are the install instructions,” Aaron said. “The parts are laid out in the box according to the build steps. I’ve never seen something in my life that’s packaged so well.”

Mark pointed out that Nexus 21’s packaging beats pricier lifts, too.

“When you open our box, compared to even more expensive products, it feels good to see how much effort went into simple things like packaging.”

Let’s go to the scorecard

We’ve covered a lot of ground in these two posts: safety, quality, our factory, customer service, warranties and packaging. The judges have tallied their scorecards and the decision is unanimous: Nexus 21 lifts are victorious! It’s your turn to let us know what you appreciate about the Nexus 21 experience as compared to other lift companies. Tell us what you think in the comments section below.