TV carrying case

Do you need a TV or flat screen computer monitor available on the go? From trade shows to night clubs, and from classrooms to courtrooms, there’s just no substitute for a high definition screen. Perhaps you are a trainer, sales rep, or consultant who needs to be able to set up a presentation area quickly. Or, you might be in HR and need an efficient way to arrange a multimedia booth at a job fair. You could even be a DJ who likes to hook up client’s parties with sick visuals. .

Factors to Bear In Mind
Installing a TV lift inside a wheeled carrying case allows you to easily load and unload the screen without any lifting. You can just roll it up or down a loading ramp into a van, truck, or SUV. The case itself can have a slim profile so it takes up very little space during transportation. However, it’s important not to pick a case so skinny that it would tip over if it gets bumped. It also needs to have enough heft that it isn’t going to be knocked over easily when the TV is fully extended through the top.

You’d want to choose a ruggedized carrying case with a hard shell and adequate padding to fully protect your TV or monitor. A case that meets the standards set under Air Transport Association Specification 300 Category 1 is one example of a hardcore case that is designed to stand up to less than ideal handling circumstances during air shipping. Even a top of the line case costs about what you would pay for a standard TV lift cabinet and will last for many years on the road.

Pre-Fab or Custom?
There are some cases on the market that come with a lift already installed. Unfortunately, these are often imported lifts (you can tell by the pictures and the pricing). These models have little or no warranty protection. It makes more sense to use a Nexus 21 TV lift that comes with the industry’s best warranty. Our TV lifts are some of the most compact lifts on the market which makes them quite travel-friendly. They also have a very simple mounting mechanism that makes them an ideal choice for installing inside a carrying case as part of a custom project. For specs and diagrams showing the details of one of our popular lift models click here.