Infinity Pool TV

Are you planning to install an outdoor TV as part of your patio, deck, or outdoor kitchen? There’s nothing that detracts from the high definition quality of your viewing experience like sun glare on your screen. This may be a problem in either the morning or evening unless you have a fully enclosed outdoor living space (isn’t that an oxymoron?) If you want to enjoy the TV at any time of day, mount it on a swiveling TV lift. That way, you can turn the screen away from sun’s glare as needed.

Swiveling the screen also gives you the option to move your patio or lounge chairs so you can relax in the sun or shade depending on the weather. If you have a pool or hot tub nearby, that’s an even better place to watch TV. Just make sure you don’t get so engrossed in the latest DWTS episode that you turn into a chlorinated prune!