swivel tv lift

If you’ve been researching which TV lift to buy, you know that there are lifts available from some manufacturers with an automated swivel activated by a remote control. Perhaps you’re wondering why our lift has a manual swivel instead. That’s an easy question to answer.

The type of mechanism required to safely move a TV up and down may seem simple. But it really involves quite a bit of engineering design skill if you want to get it right with no maintenance or safety issues. Our lift mechanism and motors are tried and tested to work flawlessly year after year as they ride quietly up and down at the push of a button. We’ve got a product that works; the clean simplicity of the design is part of the appeal.

When you start adding motorized rotation to the mix, things can get messy fast. The entire lift is much more costly to build and there is an opportunity for more technical problems. We invite you to compare the price of any lift with a motorized swivel with our easy-to-use manual swivel lifts. At Nexus 21, we don’t advertise the fanciest or most complex TV lift on the market – just the best value for the best quality TV lift. That’s why we can confidently offer the best warranty in the industry!