A flat screen TV may be less expensive these days than when the technology first came out. But that doesn’t mean you want yours to be damaged! A TV lift is more than a cool way to automate and show off your TV. It also helps protect your investment. Here are 3 ways it can do just that:

This is one of the most annoying problems your TV can have. The scratches may not be bad enough to warrant repair or replacement. Instead, they just provide a minor distraction whenever you’re trying to watch a program. It’s like having a really small pebble in your shoe or a scratch on your glasses lens. A TV lift keeps your flat screen out of the way when it’s not in use – reducing the amount of time the screen is exposed to objects that might scratch it.

There are 2 main ways TVs fall. First, they can be tipped over off of a TV stand or traditional entertainment center. That’s especially likely if you have kids in the house. Second, they can fall off the wall from an improperly installed, defective, or overly stressed wall mount. A TV lift attaches your flat screen firmly to the lifting mechanism which is, itself, bolted into the TV lift cabinet. That baby’s not going anywhere (but up and down).

Screen Burn-In and Image Persistence
Plasma TVs that are left on too long with one picture on the screen are at risk for getting the image “burnt-in”. An LCD can have a similar problem with retained pixel charges or “stuck pixels”. We have a specialty option available to help prevent these issues. It’s an automatic shutoff that powers down your TV whenever the flat screen is lowered into the lift cabinet. That way, you don’t accidentally leave your TV on inside the cabinet without realizing it.

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