A big picture window with a great view is something you should never sacrifice when it comes to decorating your home. However, that doesn’t mean the space in front of the window must be completely clear. In fact, this can be an ideal location for a TV. There are three potential challenges to overcome if you want to use this space for a flat screen. First, the TV might obstruct the view. Second, having bright sunlight coming in around the edges of your TV can ruin the viewing experience. Third, putting a cabinet in front of the window can make it difficult for you to get the window open. Fortunately, there’s automation technology to meet all these challenges:

Nexus 21 TV lift

Our lifts have a low profile so you can install one in a cabinet in front of a window without blocking the view. If you have a floor to ceiling window, a drop down TV lift or an under-floor lift can provide even more options.

Crestron Shading Solutions

Manage your drapes remotely with Crestron’s motorized window shades and drapery track systems. You can use an app to control both the window shades and the lighting in the rest of the room at the same time! These systems are advertised as whisper quiet – just like our TV lifts. At Nexus 21, we’re proud to be certified integrated partners with Crestron.

Doors in Motion

This company automates both doors and windows so you can open and close them without reaching, lifting, pulling. You’ll only have to do a tiny bit of pushing – on the remote control button. It doesn’t matter what’s in front of your window if you are opening it this way. Doors in Motion integrates their products with Crestron too, making this whole setup even more appealing.

TV lift in front of window