Pop Up Swivel TV Lift on Boat

One of the most enjoyable places to view a nice flat screen TV is on a leisure vehicle. Indulging yourself with the best on your “home away from home” can be a challenge if that second home is a boat. Unless you have the dough to spring for a huge yacht, you’re probably working with limited space. Installing your flat screen on a lift gives you far more options than simply wall mounting it or securing it to a flat surface somewhere. When rough seas hit and you don’t want a stray champagne glass hitting your nice flat screen, down the hatch the TV goes at the press of a button!

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We have one customer who mounted a flat screen inside the kitchen counter of their luxury watercraft. Another decided to install the lift inside the chassis of their boat. A cabinetmaker crafted a piece of custom TV lift furniture for inside a restored vintage vessel. You can find all these projects in our gallery of customer photos.