bankers lamp Do you have a library or study in your home instead of a media room? It’s nice to keep this kind of old-fashioned space decorated in a manner that’s commensurate with its initial purpose. Maybe you have some nice period touches like a brass banker’s lamp with a green shade, a humidor, dark wood paneling and overstuffed leather chairs. Having a TV on display would ruin the atmosphere. Here are a few ways to successfully hide a TV in a home library:

  • Modify an antique cabinet into a TV lift cabinet like in this project:
TV lift in a library
  • Install a lift under the floor – this works especially well if you have hardwood floors
  • Transform one of your real bookshelves into a TV lift cabinet by hiding the lift behind a secret panel. Use faux leather bound books to decorate the false front.
Faux Leather Bound Books
  • Put a drop down lift above the fireplace by hiding it behind an elaborate mantel piece
  • Choose one of our darkly stained Smart TV Lift cabinets. The Sonora in French Walnut might be perfect.

TV lift project image courtesy of Flickr user Audio Visual Specialists