If one of your gifts this year was a new TV, you are probably very happy! 2014 saw huge leaps in the TV industry, with TVs getting even bigger and better, and costs are finally beginning to drop.

Whether you were presented with a new flat screen as a gift, or bought one for yourself, you’ll need a place to put your new TV. Older entertainment centers take up a lot of space, and wall mounts can become outdated and may not be well suited to a newer, larger TV.

TV lifts can be the answer. They allow you to keep your TV out of the way when not in use, then bring it out with the click of a button. TV lifts are safer than wall mounts and entertainment stands, preventing children from pulling the TV down and causing injury.

You can hide a TV lift in a half-wall, under the floor, above the ceiling – even in an unused fireplace. If you get a swivel TV lift you can arrange your seating options to allow viewing from a variety of places, making your TV more fun and versatile than ever.


If you don’t like the idea of a ceiling or floor mounted lift, consider a piece of TV lift furniture. TV lift cabinets come in every conceivable style and finish, allowing you to match your current decor. When the TV lift is installed, there is extra room for additional devices, cords, cables, and more.

With the use of a specialty remote, you can command all devices as well as the TV lift itself from your seat. The top of the cabinet opens, the TV lifts rises, and the TV turns on, all in a matter of seconds. You can watch a show on the DVR, enjoy a Blu-Ray disc from Redbox, or implement the TV as a monitor screen for a game of Guitar Hero.


Your TV lift can also be used with furniture you already own. Many of our customers have done incredible repurposing jobs, using old cabinets, dressers or bureaus to house their TV lift and making a creation that is entirely unique.

Shouldn’t your new TV have a place of honor in your home? With TV lifts and accompanying TV lift furniture (whether you buy a ready-made cabinet or build your own), your TV can be perfectly protected and attractively housed.

Check out our photo gallery to see the amazing ways your TV can be set up, and have a quick look at our Facebook Page to see customer photos of unique, DIY projects. Then pick up the phone and prepare to give your TV a boost!