Panasonic Debuts World's Biggest TV

How would you like to watch the Super Bowl on a TV so big that the players are all life sized? If you have half a million dollars to spare, you might do just that. Panasonic has unveiled a real whopper of a TV that makes previous monster flat-screens feel inadequate. The new 152” 3D Plasma TV boosts brightness and makes 3D imagery nice and sharp by using something called “super-efficient quadruple luminance efficiency technology”. No word on whether this futuristic device has a “flux capacitor” as well.

There are a few downsides to owning a screen this big. Operating the device would make your electric bill skyrocket. Plus, you would need to build a bigger living room just to house the TV. That’s because, based on the screen size, the proper viewing distance would be about 30 feet. The other sad news is that you couldn’t put it on a Nexus 21 TV lift. Our lifts only handle screens up to 65 inches (remember when that used to seem enormous?) Unfortunately, Panasonic’s 152” behemoth of a TV weighs about a quarter of a ton. We suggest you use a crane to lift and lower a screen that size!