Out of Floor Television

Are you figuring out which style of TV lift to buy? Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks to consider when you are shopping for a Nexus 21 under floor TV lift.

An under floor lift is certainly one of our most dramatic mechanisms. People might expect to see a TV popup out of a cabinet that’s obviously made to house one. But visitors won’t have a clue that a TV is about to rise up out of the floor like the head of the Loch Ness Monster.

If you really, really don’t want to add another piece of furniture to your room or can’t find a TV lift cabinet that suits your taste, an under floor lift is a great alternative. The above ground space where the TV will appear only has to be large enough to accommodate the TV itself. This means you may have more options for where to locate the lift if your space is limited.

You can also install an under floor lift in front of a large picture window so the view isn’t obstructed when the lift is in the down position. Add motorized drapes in front of the window and you get the double feature of the curtains smoothly closing as the TV rises up to create your perfect viewing space.

Not every home is built in such a way that the floor can accommodate a lift. For example, many areas of the country with heavy clay dirt have significant problems with shifting soil. Homes in these areas rarely have a basement, a crawl space, or a pier and beam foundation. Instead, the flooring is laid down directly over a solid slab foundation, leaving no under-floor space for a lift.

Not every area of a typical home is suitable for an under floor lift. You need to put the lift in a location where it won’t get stepped on or have liquids spilled on it. Somewhere along the wall or next to a large piece of furniture is the best place. Some users actually have the lift rise up through a coffee table or other low furniture item for added protection.

It’s possible to move the lift once it’s installed. However, this is a more involved process than simply moving a TV lift cabinet. It also leaves you with an area of the floor that needs minor repairs. Obviously, this kind of lift is best for use in a home you own and not one you lease.