Grunge vintage television

What other old fashioned ways do people use to hide their TVs? There’s always the looping screensaver DVD. Newer versions are designed to transfer these ‘movie’ files directly to an Apple TV or play on any HDTV via an X-Box or Playstation. What hasn’t changed is the fact that these lovely scenes don’t fool anyone.

A screensaver that shows an aquarium full of fish still looks like a screensaver. People will be polite about your nifty imagery, but they all know that the Emperor has no clothes. Same goes for the fake fire screensavers. Who has a fireplace mounted on their wall, anyway?

What about a beautiful beach scene showing rolling surf? Unfortunately, this often just looks like an incredibly boring episode of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. Of course, playing a looping beach scene could actually be fun. Continue assuring your guests “Wait, the shark attack is just coming up now”. See how long you can keep them watching!

Or, you could truly hide your TV instead of trying to camofluage it. Install it on a Nexus 21 TV lift inside a cabinet that’s designed to blend in perfectly with your décor!