old school tv

Occasionally, the suggested solutions for hiding a TV are really low tech. I guess that’s good if you blew your entire budget on the TV and can’t afford better accessories. But it kind of detracts from how nice your TV looks when you have to resort to these solutions.

For example, putting a picture frame around a wall-mounted big screen TV to make it look like a piece of art can actually make the screen itself look smaller. Plus, if you want to display an image of artwork on the screen, you have to leave the TV on all the time. That’s not exactly helping you save money on your electric bill.

Another suggestion is using a folding room divider screen to hide a TV. These dividers can be placed and removed in a few seconds as needed. Some of these screens are elegantly patterned wood and might actually look OK from an interior design standpoint. The problem is that they aren’t very stable. If one gets knocked over, it could easily scratch your TV screen. That’s a costly mistake you’ll want to avoid.

Welcome to the 21st Century
Instead of risking damage to your TV or running up your energy bill with one of these low-tech solutions, why not invest in a high-tech but affordable TV lift? You’ll be certain that your TV is safe inside the cabinet where it won’t be scratched – even when the rowdy neighbor kids come over to play.

What about energy conservation? Add our “TV Guard” accessory which has an automatic shutoff that turns the TV off whenever it is lowered into the cabinet. This feature ensures that you never accidentally leave the screen on when it’s inside the cabinet. You don’t have to worry about the TV overheating; and you won’t pay for power you don’t need.