old school tv

One of the trendier ideas for hiding a TV is placing it behind mirrored glass. You can see it when it’s turned on; but the rest of the time it’s hidden behind your reflection. Some interior designers suggest putting a TV behind the mirror in your bathroom. That way, you can watch TV while you brush your teeth and do your daily ablutions. Of course, if you get toothpaste spatter on the glass during the weather report, it will look like it’s snowing in Florida.

Proponents of this design idea point to how flashy the setup appears. It can indeed look “Very James Bond” in a hip bachelor pad. However, there are a few reasons this idea never really caught on in residential settings.

1. Glare and Definition – Putting a sheet of reflective glass in front of your High Definition, low glare TV screen is a technological travesty. Many TV lovers don’t want to lower the quality of their picture by introducing another layer of material between the viewer and the screen.

2. High Price – Hiding a TV behind a mirror doesn’t seem like it would cost much, but the price tag can reach up to $15,000 for this kind of setup. A high quality TV lift (made here in the U.S.) costs much less and has an even greater “Wow!” factor.