Are you one of those guys who is a complete fanatic about everything being in its place in your workshop? Does your garage resemble a walk-in toolbox? It may mystify your wife when you can’t seem to get your dirty socks into the laundry hamper but every single nut and bolt has its very own little compartment in your “man cave”. But the fact is that you do know how to be neat and tidy as long as you’re surrounded by auto parts, woodworking equipment, your boat, or whatever other gadgets you love. You just wish the garage was bigger so it could hold more stuff – such as a nice flat screen TV. At Nexus 21, we’ve got a solution you’ll love. With an automated lift, you can put your TV any number of places such as under a work table, inside a tool cabinet, or even dropping down from the ceiling. If you hide it well enough, your wife might not even realize you’re sneaking out to the garage to watch TV…just remember to keep the volume down!

Garage TV Lift