Wall mounted TVs do offer some advantages over traditional entertainment center TV stands. However, they also have some drawbacks that make them problematic choice. We’ve talked in the past about the problem with concealing wiring and accessories when you use a wall mount. Unfortunately, there are also some safety/stability issues to keep in mind. A quick glance at Google search results shows that installing a TV on your wall isn’t necessarily a risk-free activity.

Falling TVs Can Kill

In 2009, a two year old boy was fatally injured when a wall-mounted TV came loose and fell on him. We’ve blogged before about how flat-screen TVs are often tipped over from unstable stands and onto small children’s heads. But this goes to show that even having the TV installed high out of reach doesn’t guarantee child safety. The most important thing is to make sure the TV is very securely bolted into place – something that you can easily check when you install your flat screen on a TV lift. There’s simply no way for a TV to fall off our sturdy brackets.

Is Faulty Installation to Blame?

Obviously, mounting a TV directly into drywall rather than into wooden studs is a recipe for disaster. Even “professional” installers are sometimes guilty of this as you can see in the YouTube video posted by a dissatisfied customer here. That being said, there are plenty of tales of homeowners following all the instructions and still having a TV mount pull loose from the wall. Here’s one in which the owner used a mount that was correctly rated for the weight of his TV and who followed the directions for mounting into cinderblock. It fell off anyway and he was stuck with the cost of replacing the TV.

Where you live may also affect how well your wall can hold up your TV over the long term. Writer Jordan Gaither suggests that persistent vibrations could make your wall mount work loose from its moorings over time: “For those with apartments near railway/subway lines, be warned; a constantly vibrating wall can cause the gradual decay and eventual failure of a wall-mounted TV setup, resulting in a damaging fall.”

With your expensive flat screen safely installed inside a TV lift cabinet, you don’t have to worry about any of these problems! tv wall mount