Pop Up TV in SUV

We’re in the midst of football season and fans all over the US are having a grand old time at their local stadiums cheering on college and high school teams. A lucky few are making it to the NFL games. One thing all these fans have in common is the culture of the tailgate party. If you love to gather around a TV for the post-game discussion or a victory dance with music blasting, you might not even have to leave the parking lot. We’ve seen one of our TV lifts featured in a Yukon SUV – along with some awesome speakers – in an award-winning installation by a customer in New York. Unlike the cute little popup TVs installed in some of the show cars featured on this blog, an SUV has room for a decent sized screen.

Can you imagine having a tailgate party with this kind of mobile entertainment? Forget watching the tiny screen on your smartphone or tablet. Kick back with some barbecue and potato salad to party with your friends at the next game. In fact, if you don’t have tickets to the game, you could still have a fantastic get-together at your local lake, park, or other outdoor venue.