According to this news report, Ergotron, a major manufacturer of TV wall mounts is recalling more than 215,000 television wall mounts:

“The Consumer Product Safety Commission says the mounts are being recalled because a weld can break causing the TV to fall. The recall includes 8 different models and were sold nationwide from February 2012 until January of 2013

The adjustable Ergotron interactive wall mount is designed for flat panel displays and televisions which allows users to reposition their display angles. The wall mounts consist of three parts including a wall mount plate for securing the system to the wall; an extendible arm that allows the user to adjust the position of their television in multiple directions and a monitor plate for securing the arm to the television.

Ergotron has received three reports of the monitor plate separating from the wall mount system. Consumers reported property damage to components of the wall mount unit. No injuries have been reported.”

Thankfully, no-one was hurt and Ergotron is offering a free repair kit (see article for details.)

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