Bedroom Dresser TV Lift

Yes, Dr. Phil would probably tell you that having a TV in the bedroom is the kiss of death for your relationship. But he’s not your Mom and he doesn’t get to make the rules in your house! There are plenty of happy homeowners who enjoy watching TV in bed and getting cracker crumbs on the sheets occasionally. This doesn’t mean the flat screen has to dominate the room’s décor. In fact, concealing your TV with a cleverly installed lift is an ideal solution for setting limits on TV watching in the bedroom. Here are the favorite places for hiding a TV when it’s not in use:

Foot of the Bed: The foot of your bed is a great place for a TV lift – especially if you want the footboard to incorporate a chest of drawers on either side of the hidden TV. The added thickness of the footboard can be balanced by a high headboard. This provides a great place to prop up your pillows while you watch those late, late shows.

In the Ceiling: This approach works great if you have a less than palatial master bedroom since it doesn’t take up any floor or wall space at all. Don’t sacrifice a sock drawer; get your TV up and out of the way!

In the Dresser: If you own a large bureau dresser with a central mirror, you could have the TV pop-up in front of the mirror. The dresser is a nice place to situate your TV if you like to be far away from the screen for viewing purposes. It also provides plenty of storage space for video game equipment or other accessories.