tv lift behind sofa

Most people consider putting their TV lift in front of the sofa. But placing the TV behind a couch is also a valid option. We see customers do this when they have a circular seating area that is used for both entertaining company (with the TV off) and quiet evenings alone (with the TV on). The homeowner’s favorite La-Z-Boy style chairs are positioned to face the sofa so they can be used for conversation or for TV watching depending on the occasion. Another popular use for a TV mounted inside a cabinet behind the couch is for viewing from multiple rooms. In this case, the TV is on a swivel lift so it can be turned from the living room to the dining room or kitchen area.

Pros and Cons:

  • The “behind the sofa” placement is ideal for couples or individuals since it is a great space saver
  • You may have more options for where to place your seating furniture since it doesn’t all need to be facing the TV
  • This setup doesn’t work as well if you need all your seating to be available for TV viewing
  • If you put the TV between the sofa back and a wall, make sure it is adequately shielded from being crushed against the wall