High Rise TV Lift

Do you remember the first time you saw a Nexus 21 TV lift in action? Did you hear far off strains of Handel’s Hallelujah chorus as the flat panel rose silently out of a cabinet? There’s nothing wrong with leveraging the minor miracles of modern technology to make worship and religious education more accessible to younger generations. But you’ve also got to be a good steward of church resources and mindful of the aesthetics of a space that may have been constructed 50-100 years ago.

A TV lift fits the bill in several ways:

• A lift protects a high quality television from scratches and other damage when it’s not in use. In addition, the TV is hidden from sight and firmly anchored in place in the event of a burglary. Sadly, church break-ins are not an uncommon occurrence and audiovisual equipment/electronics are the most frequently stolen items.

• Having the TV securely mounted in a cabinet gives you the option of going mobile without tipping over the flat panel. One of our customers in Massachusetts installed their TV in a rolling cabinet so it could be used in any room in the church – making it readily available for classes and special presentations.

• No matter where you place the TV, it won’t take focus off of what’s important when it’s hidden away with a lift. You can choose a finish for the cabinet that matches anything from your pews to your alter rail. If you hire a custom cabinetmaker, you could even recreate turn-of-the-century wooden furniture to house your TV lift.