Dual TV Lift

At Nexus 21, we’ve got a wide selection of TV lifts for you to choose from. There are drop down lifts, popup lifts, swivel lifts, and under-floor lifts. We’ve also got one mammoth, heavyweight model for really big TVs that weigh up to 220 pounds. How do you know if you need to supersize your TV lift by purchasing the DL-39?

Check Your Specs
As with any mechanical device, it’s better to be safe than sorry when you buy a TV lift. If your flat screen TV is at the upper end of the weight limit for one of our smaller lifts, it doesn’t hurt to go up a category. Remember, your lift may be handling additional weight besides just the TV. This can include the weight of the floating lid, accessories on the universal component shelf, speakers, decorations on top of the TV lid, and more.

Plan for the Future
Do you think you might upgrade to a larger TV in the next few years? Many homeowners will do this since the price tag for really big plasma TVs keeps dropping each season. You might only have a 55” TV right now, but next year your spouse might surprise you with a 65” (one can only hope). If you have the heavyweight TV lift, you can reuse it for your new, bigger TV. Of course, you could just move the smaller TV along with its cabinet into another room and buy all new equipment for your super big screen TV. It’s up to you.

Specialty Applications
All our TV lifts are designed for smooth motion and stability. But our heavyweight TV lift features a dual lifting mechanism that makes it even sturdier and more powerful. If you are installing a lift in a location where it may have to endure a certain amount of jostling or other abuse, it doesn’t hurt to choose a lift that’s built super-tough.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All
Of course, there are some situations where a heavyweight lift isn’t the right fit. If you want your TV to swivel, you should pick one of our other models. If you have any questions about picking the right mechanism for any project, give us a call at 1-866-499-3552. We’re delighted to help you choose the perfect lift for your application.